Get more leads when your pages load faster! 

We deliver landing pages that load like lightning, straight from the Google results pages and in the Facebook browser too, from your Facebook ads. From RM688 only.

"If people have a negative experience on mobile, they're 62% less likely to purchase from you in future."

Source: Google/Purchased, U.S., “How Brand Experiences Inspire Consumer Action,” n=2010 U.S. smartphone owners 18+, brand experiences=17,726, April 2017.

AMP=Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ever notice the lightning icon on some sites in Google results? Those are AMP sites - they tend to rank better in Google, as well as load really fast. 

While it may not always be able to replace your whole website, AMP sites really shine when it comes to things like:

  • Landing pages - Need a quick page to explain your product / service and get leads? AMP is perfect.
  • Real estate promotions - why only have a Facebook page, when you can have one on Google?
  • Articles - Ever notice how pages with the lightning icon tend to rank well in Google? This isn't a coincedence.
  • Sales pitches - No heavy Javascript - but you can include video, images, text and more to put your point across. 

The benefits of AMP pages:

AMP sites are usually clean and clutter free, and easy to read. And of course, they load faster than the average website due to how they are built (if not they won't pass the AMP standard set by Google!)


Being optimised for mobile means that being concise and to the point is key. We believe in good design and writing working together - and will help you craft your message to fit.


It's easy to collect info about your users through simple, beautiful forms. Click here to submit your details.

Easily made to match different industries requirements.

You're likely already on your phone as you read this, so you can call Josh at +60123995674 easily, if you'll like your own AMP site.

Get easily notified by e-mail whenever a new prospect submits their details. 

So many ideas, let's start something together!

Together with a professional designer and copywriter, our mission is to help you make beautifully simple pages that get the job done.

Landing pages for events, real estate, products & services and many more


Articles, newsletters & content that gets seen more 

Compatible with more devices and web browsers, and loads faster. 

See how your page is performing, anytime.

View how your page is doing at anytime, through mobile or web using Google Analytics and Google Search Console (as well as checking your e-mail if you have leads!)

"You’ve summed up very well what I was struggling to explain— very well done considering you were working with vague information and a loose context!
It’s just what I needed. "

Nick Dawes, UK, Adventure Solutions

On Josh's Copywriting Skills

“A fast and simple way to make sure my customers know my latest promotions without the hassle of updating the main website. A great way to show the promos from Facebook, and have it listed in Google too."

Dexson Thean

Revivify Auto Detailing

“Together with ad optimisation, Josh from amp-page.com has helped us increase our conversions by 200%”

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Together with Josh and amp-page.com, create beautifully simple landing pages that load fast - and get your message across and close deals. From RM688 (Note: price does not include copywriting - drop us a message to find out the price range for custom graphics & copywriting!)

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